K2CF will provide you with a PACE Power Stack to ensure the success of your project.  We match PACE financing which is normally 15-25% of the total project with vetted PACE-friendly lenders to provide you with a supreme power stack.  We will help you leverage the advantages of PACE (virtually all modern projects in CA qualify) with a PACE-friendly conventional lender to get you the best possible lending stack.  This drives down costs, drives up the likelihood of a successful project.

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We provide commercial brokerage services for developers seeking PACE-friendly financing for their development projects.  PACE financing provides tremendous advantages.  Working with K2 Capital Finance, Inc. allows developers to integrate PACE with the rest of the project.  We have relationships with competitive commercial mortgage lenders to provide unique leverage benefits for construction financing loans.  Whether the project is $2 million or $40 million, applicants will receive the same focused attention managing your deal from end-to-end in a fully transparent manner

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K2 Capital Finance has expert engineers available with extensive backgrounds in renewable energy, energy efficiency technologies, and construction management to guide you through PACE approvals, standards and processes.  



  K2 Capital Finance helps provide money solutions to you which will extend the availability of funds to commercial builder, developers and contractors for new construction and retrofitting.  Instead of funding over the senior funding with mezzanine or preferential equity, PACE loans can provide up to 25% LTV which brings down other amounts financed and the overall interest rate.

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