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K2 Capital Finance has solid relationships vetted PACE-friendly lenders with whom to match you up based on your needs.  This helps developers, builders and owners get the very best rates and terms available in the market.  K2CF will help you negotiate all facets and structure of your commercial mortgage loan, including: rate, term, amortization, adjustment options, prepayment penalty, recourse obligations, loan proceeds, closing costs, lender fees, etc.  Each lender has different requirements for each of these items.  K2CF will prepare and analyze several competing quotes for you to decide between.  Everyone needs an advocate at times – K2CF is your advocate in navigating the commercial lending marketplace.

Pace Friendly LoansLocate Lender: Almost all commercial loans these days are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.  Lenders are cautious and flexible during these strange times as a result of the Corona Virus.  K2CF will guide you through this process and help you obtain a commercial mortgage that meets your needs. Due to the wide range of property types, loan types and special circumstances, a single lender simply cannot offer loan programs for all potential loans.  Do not put all of your eggs in one basket.  Allow K2CF to do the legwork for you.   This gives you increased chances of success and more bargaining power.

Cost Variations between Lenders: Watch out for notable differences in the interest rates, costs and other fees charged from one lender to the next. In a multi-million dollar loan, a small cost differential can be dramatic over the life of the loan. 

Support Services: K2CF has a preassembled team of attorneys, engineers, brokers and accountants to help each project. This promotes efficiency and accelerates communication. Our staff will see your loan through to closing. Securing a commitment is half the battle. It takes a village to get to closing efficiently.

Our Fees: For your fees, you will receive a professional on your side, a true fiduciary. You wouldn’t go to court without a lawyer, so don’t finance your commercial mortgage without a broker.  K2CF gives you both in one package.

A professional commercial mortgage broker will have solid relationships with numerous lenders. Whether you are in need of a construction loan, long term fixed rate loan or bridge loan, K2CF will provide guidance in choosing the best lending source.